Our Mission 

Founded in 2013, Family Meridian is committed to giving families the educational resources, support and community they need to build an enduring family legacy. 

Our process

We believe the best way to inspire long-lasting growth is through peer-to-peer relationships and life-changing experiences. To do this, we facilitate small groups, provide online training and resources, and host in-person events.

enduring family legacies

Over the last decade, we’ve helped high net worth families  plan for and start to realize their legacy. We’re looking forward to hearing from yours soon.

Serving the Family Meridian Community

Gary Martin

Executive Director

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Gary Martin was called to dedicate his second half to non-profit work after 30 years at General Electric as an engineer, marketing/sales executive, CEO of an international joint venture and more. His non-profit experience includes presenting Crown Financial Ministries seminars, certified coaching, training and group facilitating. For 10 years, he served as VP/Relationship Manager with The National Christian Foundation Indiana. He has been a founder and board member for Family Meridian since its launch in 2013. 

Gary loves spending time with his family (wife Kathy, 4 adult children and 12 grandchildren) and serving his local church as a deacon, financial ministry facilitator and small group leader. Mentoring families and younger men is his passion for this season of his life.

Jerry Nuerge

Board President

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Jerry is a co-founder of Family Meridian and has a rich background in family coaching and financial planning. He also has experience leading local chapters of several organizations, such as the Society of Financial Service Professionals and the National Estate Planning Council.

For more than 40 years Jerry was part of the financial services world with Northwestern Mutual and has been a member of the Strategic Coach program for over 25 years. 

Active as a consultant, writer and speaker he authored The Priceless Gift  and has contributed to three books: Family Wealth Counseling: Getting to the Heart of the Matter,  unHeritage: 11 Pitfalls to Family Legacy and How to Avoid Them, and unPrepared: Heirs At Risk.

Married to Sharon, since 1967; Jerry has 3 children and 8 grandchildren, all of whom live near his home in Indiana. A true blessing beyond measure!

Bill High

Board Member

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Bill High practiced law for 12 years before becoming the CEO of The Signatry. As CEO, he has spent 20 years helping families live purposefully and give generously. In addition to his writing and speaking,  Bill consults with

 families who are looking to build a lasting legacy, offering insight and practical steps toward relational, spiritual and financial health. He and his wife Brooke have four children and three grandchildren.

Tom Conway

Board Member

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Tom has a passion to help families create and build family legacies that will carry on for generations to come. 

He believes the lack of clarity around their legacy issues keeps many people from maximizing the use of their resources. In addition, many families do not communicate their plan to their heirs or do not prepare their heirs for the resources that will come to them in the future. This often leads to trust and communication issues.

Tom is a CPA by training whose career has led him to serve with numerous financial service and ministry organizations such as Ernst & Young, Cru, Ronald Blue Trust, Perimeter Church, Generous Giving, Inc., National Christian Foundation, and Kingdom Advisors.

 Tom is a Qualified Kingdom Advisor (QKA™) and contributing author to two books: unHERITAGE: 11 Pitfalls of Family Legacy and How to Avoid Them  and unPrepared: 14 Elements of Successful Wealth Transfer.

Living and serving in Africa for a number of years and working extensively in Europe, Asia, and Russia enhanced Tom’s global Christian perspective. Tom and his wife Susan have been married for 42 years, have 4 children and 10 grandchildren, and live in Atlanta, Georgia with their Down Syndrome daughter, Pamela Joy.

Eric Garcia

Advisory Member

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Eric and Jennifer Garcia are the cofounders of the Relational Wealth Advisors® (RWA).

Since 2010, they have focused on serving high net worth and ultra-high net worth families in building multigenerational family trust and unity, and the governance that sustains the family. Eric and Jennifer’s priority on building a high trust culture is key to this transformational work with individuals, couples, and families.

Partnering with these families to educate and empower their future generations is a powerful experience. One of the most fulfilling aspects of their work is assisting heirs/next gens to understand who they are as individuals, as family members, and as members of the culture.

As families co-create a new normal around relational health and family connection, they also have an opportunity to create family governance. In doing so, this makes the multi-generational dream for the family, and family enterprise, achievable.

Eric and Jennifer have developed a certification program to train other professionals in the Relational Wealth Process®, and Family University™. These resources and services are proving to be critical in serving the global need in this unique niche.

The Garcias have extensive backgrounds in family enterprises, non-profit organizations, and marriage and family education and ministry. Their passion is impacting future generations by transforming marriages and families today.

Eric and Jennifer have been married since 1991. They have four adult children and live in Phoenix, Arizona.

100-Year Family Legacy

Start building your family’s strong & enduring foundation.

Family & Advocate Testimonials

What good is it to inherit a pile of money if the family falls apart in the process? It’s about time we stopped the tail from wagging the dog. Family Meridian is an eye-opener.

Ron Blue, Author & Speaker, Founder of the Ron Blue Trust